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Reculver; The Movie…

Posted by Mr Jones on October 14, 2013

Third Year Trip To Reculver, Kent. from King's Prep School on Vimeo.

11 Responses to “Reculver; The Movie…”

  1.   emilyi Says:

    That was an amazing trip and it was very windy!! Very good Sir as I said it was VERY windy. I was like Mary Poppins at one point!! I couldn’t walk!! Very good Sir.

  2.   rebeccaf Says:

    The trip to Reculver was great, only the weather was a shame as it started to rain at the end of the trip. Other than that it was great!

  3.   Isabelle Says:

    This was a very interesting video and it captured everything that was there!
    I remembered that the crabs hide in only the smallest of rocks!
    and the weather blew all of 3OM over!
    In the rock cliffs the water worn away the rock and made huge caves!
    Over all it was a great day!!

  4.   olly Says:

    It was a great day I enjoyed a lot and liked lookng for crabs on beach.

  5.   Maddie Says:

    I really enjoyed the trip to Reculver even tho I was freezing. The one thing that i learnt was the cliffs were made out of sand stone. The weather was heriffic it blew Toby Cav over. Over all it was a great day.

  6.   toby Says:

    It was very windy and I fell over we learnt about how the cliffs are protected and were they are protected

  7.   Miles Says:

    That is Brilliant! How did you do that?

  8.   hugh Says:

    I remember this trip, it was great fun, i still have the fossil one of the guides gave me. But we did not have are pictures taken or videos. Still was great fun, and i am sure other years will enjoy too.

  9.   Frau Neubauer Says:

    Wow! That looks like an amazing trip! I am sure you all enjoyed it. You found quite a few ‘creatures’ on the beach and between the rocks…

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